All sign-ups for Watch D.O.G.S. days for dads who do not yet have a date will be done online through Sign-up for the 2018-19 school year calendar is now open!  Please sign up for 1 day.  We want to make sure that every dad has an opportunity to volunteer.  Once everyone has an opportunity to sign up, we will open the calendar again.

Here is the sign up process AND some ground rules:

1) Fill out the background check on the FISD site, at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to your volunteer day. This must be redone for every school year.

2) Sign up for your day here (2018-19 school year) here:

  • Register for the site so that you can retrieve your information for future signups.  After registering you will also be able to modify your entries, should you need to change/cancel your date(s). Navigate by using the calendar at top right or by scrolling through the list of “spots” to find an open day. Click on an open blue day that you would like to volunteer on and click “Save”.  You will be taken to another screen and asked for your child’s name, grade, teacher and your contact information. Please completely fill out all of the fields.  Click “Save” and you are done!
  • Please sign up for one day! 
  • If you plan on signing up for the weeks immediately after pizza night, you MUST have already completed a background check TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the day you choose.

3) Mark your calendar, put on your official Watch D.O.G.S. uniform shirt, and enjoy your day! Plan on being at Tadlock at 7:20am to retrieve your personalized daily schedule from Lucy in the front office.  Please see the KEYS TO SUCCESS tab above for guidelines to make your day at Tadlock a success.

SHOULD YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR DAY, please cancel it by clicking the link on your confirmation email OR through the volunteerspot website by logging in and clicking on the “my Spots” link. Please cancel as early as you can so that others may be able to use your spot. You may then sign up again for any day that is still open. Please send a courtesy email to to alert us of your cancellation.

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